Thursday, September 29, 2022

India considers democracy to be a means of ensuring social equality: PM Modi

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India views democracy as a way to ensure social equality, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated in his speech at the Bihar Legislative Assembly’s centennial celebrations on Tuesday.

Addressing the closing ceremony of centenary celebrations of Bihar Legislative Assembly, PM Modi said, “It is the nature of Bihar that the one who loves Bihar, gets love in manifold ways. Today I have also got the privilege of being the first Prime Minister of the country to visit the Bihar Vidhan Sabha complex. I bow my heart to the people of Bihar for this affection.” The Prime Minister highlighted that Bihar Vidhan Sabha has a history of its own where big and bold decisions have been taken.

“Bihar Vidhan Sabha has a history of its own where big and bold decisions have been taken in the Vidhan Sabha building one after the other,” said the Prime Minister.

“Before independence, Governor Satyendra Prasanna Sinha had appealed from this assembly to encourage indigenous industries, adopt Swadeshi Charkha. After independence, the Zamindari Abolition Act was passed in this assembly. Taking this tradition forward, CM Nitish ji’s government passed an act like Bihar Panchayati Raj,” said PM Modi.

PM Modi said, “India considers democracy to be a means for ensuring social equality. India believes in the idea of co-existence and harmony. We believe in truth, we believe in co-operation, we believe in harmony and we believe in the cohesive power of society.”

The Prime Minister highlighted that Indian democracy dates back to the ancient era and lauded the history of Bihar in playing a key role in ensuring the progress of democracy.

“The concept of democracy in India is as ancient as this nation is, as ancient as our culture. For decades, people diverted attention by saying that India has got democracy due to foreign rule and foreign thinking. But, when any person says this, he tries to cover up the history of Bihar and the heritage of Bihar,” he said.

“When large parts of the world were taking their first steps towards civilization and culture, a sophisticated democracy was functioning in Vaishali. When the understanding of democratic rights began to develop in other regions of the world, republics like Lichchavi and Vajjisangh were at their peak,” he said.

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi travelled to Deoghar in Jharkhand and Patna to open the Deoghar airport. He also took part in the Bihar Legislative Assembly’s centennial festivities, which were coming to a conclusion.

A prime minister is expected to visit the Bihar Assembly grounds for the first time since Independence, according to the speaker of the Bihar Assembly, making it a historic event.

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