Wednesday, August 10, 2022

India logs over 1 lakh covid cases in a week

Union Health Ministry reported on Monday that the nation has recorded a total of 17,073 new instances of the fatal viral infection, amidst growing rumours of a potential fourth wave of COVID-19 in India.

However, the number of deaths caused by the virus during the week surpassed 100 for the first time in over three months.

Additionally, 21 COVID-related fatalities have been recorded across the nation during the past 24 hours. The current COVID total for India is 4,34,07,046.

On Sunday, COVID-related fatality cases in Mumbai reached its highest level since February. The sources state that a total of five Covid-19-infected individuals died in Mumbai during the course of the last day. Four of the dead patients had concomitant conditions and were older than 70.

In the course of the week, at least 120 more Covid fatalities were recorded; data for Sunday from a number of states, including Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, is still pending.

According to statistics from the previous week, the rate of infection growth in states reported that Maharashtra, Kerala, and Delhi had the largest numbers, but instances were also rising in numerous other states.

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