India News Haryana today hosted another session of ‘Manch Haryana – 2019 Mein Haryana Ka Mann’ a mega political conclave at the Bhiwani district of Haryana. The conclave was attended by several political leaders from Haryana. The event of Haryana Manch was marked by multiple panel discussions and one-on-ones that sought and addressed several key issues including, agriculture, law & order, development & infrastructure, health & education, youth welfare and employment in the state of Haryana.

During the India News Haryana ‘Manch Haryana – 2019 Mein Haryana Ka Mann’ in Bhiwani started with an important session on the development in Bhiwani. The session was attended by Rann Singh, BJP leader; Devraj Mehta, Congress leader Vijay Panchgava, INLD leader and Jitendra Sharma, JJP leader. The politicians discussed on various development issues including water drainage problem and infrastructure. While speaking, Rann Singh said “Our party was the first party to make proper arrangements for the water drainage system in Bhiwani” while Devraj Mehta counters and said, “No development has been done by the BJP government in Haryana, the roads and highways are still in poor condition.”

In the next session on the state of education in Haryana, Ram Bilas Sharma, Minister of education and transport, Haryana, exclusively spoke on India News Haryana about how the government has done development work in the field of education, he said “During our tenure, we have started 42 colleges in the state. Our focus in to provide quality education to the students.” He further added, “We have regularized 22000 guest teachers and 15000 JBT teachers have been hired in the state.”

In the next session on the employment situation in the state, JP Dalal, BJP leader said “Our central government has focused upon skill development. In Haryana, our government has provided Jobs to 66000 youth from the state.” While Sunil Lamba, INLD leader said, “The quality of education has declined in the state due to state policies, which is an important reason for unemployment.”

During a session on agricultural policies in the state, Dr Vasudev Sharma, Congress leader said: “Farmers are suffering due to BJP government policies and they have not done anything to provide water resources.” Countering the same Ghanshyam Das, BJP Leader said, “We have paid off the loan for 26000 farmers of the state.”

In the last session on development issues in the state was attended by Choudhary Dharamveer Singh, Member of Parliament, BJP, while discussing on various issues he said, “Today nationalism is very important for the strength of the country. Our central government has spent money only on the development of the nation which includes, infrastructure and defence.”

Haryana Manch is an initiative of India News Haryana, to foster a sense of citizenship and make political processes more transparent and accountable towards the people of the state. In the series, the conclave will be hosted across all the constituencies of Haryana.

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