India News Manch that was taking place in Chhattisgarh today to discuss the working of the current government and the aspects that opposition is looking to explore in the upcoming state elections that will be taking place in the fourth quarter of 2018, also witnessed the presence of Chief Minister Raman Singh. Taking to the stage, Raman Singh lauded the efforts of his government and talked on various issues which the state has faced since the day it had born. Raman Singh believed that Chhattisgarh is a start-up state and that his government in the past 15 years has attempted to develop every sector of the state. 

Raman Singh said that the present generation of the state is not aware of the times when there were no roads, no power and if there was one then it was there with a very low voltage, it was in these conditions in which Chhattisgarh was born. Talking about governance, Raman Singh said that there should be a government which is stable and can firmly work for the welfare of the state.

Lauding performance of his government, Raman Singh said that many projects of improving connectivity in the state including 1,300 km of Railway projects with the help of PSUs, PPP model and other development projects are being worked upon at present. 

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Speaking on increasing reach of the internet, Raman Singh said that around 40 lakh women will be having smartphones in the coming year. Also, their government is working on extending new cable lines up to 6000 Km to increase the reach of internet in remote places and villages.

Addressing the Naxalite issue, Chief Minister Raman Singh said that the situation has become better and their government policies will further help authorities in the state to combat Naxals to eliminate them from the state. The force of the state is confident and more firm in their objective to make Chhattisgarh Naxalite free.

Earlier while speaking to media over the upcoming elections, Raman Singh had claimed that BJP will be winning at least 65 seats out of 90.

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