India News Punjab on Sunday organised Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) awards where Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal honoured people from the Punjab business fraternity and spoke on various issues being faced by the business community in the state. The Punjab Finance Minister spoke about farm loan waiver, the work done by the previous Congress-led government in the state, debt on the present government which it got from the previous SAD-led regime, planning of the present government, how it plans to revive the financial condition of the state and other issues. 

Manpreet Singh Badal began by saying that his government will make sure that they change the fate of Punjab. Admitting that the state has more expenses then what it earns, one of the most important objectives of the present government will be to control the expenses of the government and make business-friendly schemes. Speaking on farm loan waiver issue, Manpreet Singh Badal said that it should not be considered as a populist scheme. 

Speaking on whether petrol, diesel should come under the GST, Manpreet Singh Badal said that they should come under the GST. Moreover, he added that GST in its current state is not feasible therefore it needs a total overhaul.

Apart from Manpreet Singh Badal, people from business fraternity in Punjab, other government representatives also attended the event and spoke about challenges being faced by them. DPS Kharbanda, the Director of Industries & Commerce in the Punjab government said that they are ready to help entrepreneurs. All government services are available online while talking about the problem of skilled labour in Punjab, Dr. Jatinder Singh, Assistant Professor of Economics, CRRID said that the migrant workers in Punjab were not skilled.

Manpreet Singh Badal also honoured the MSME leaders in the state and awarded them at the MSME awards for their contribution towards the growth of the state.


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