India on Monday drew the attention of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) towards the potential new weapons of terror, drones. India also stated how terrorists were using drones as a low-cost option for carrying out terror activities. This development comes after drones were used to attack an Indian Air Force base in Jammu.

V S K Kaumudi, Special Secretary (Internal Security), Minister of Home Affairs said at the UNGA that another add-on to existing worries was the use of drones. He highligted that drones were a low-cost option and easily available.

He further said that the possibility of the use of weaponized drones for terrorist purposes against strategic and commercial assets called for serious attention by the member states. He added that they had witnessed terrorists using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to smuggle weapons across borders.

Kaumudi was addressing the second High-Level Conference of the Heads of the Counter-Terrorism Agencies of the Member States.

Even though the use of drones for sinister activities is not a completely new thing for the world, such incidents of drones being used to disrupt peace have been reported in the past as well but use of drones in Jammu attack was the ever incident of drones being used as a terror weapon in India.

India has constantly been flagging these issues before the international community. In fact, India recently slammed Pakistan by saying that it was high time that the international community called upon Pakistan to take effective, verifiable, and irreversible actions against terror outfits operating on the territory under its control and not take the high road of morality, which is only laden with mines of falsehood.