In a first, India reported over 3,00,000 lakh fresh Coronavirus cases in the last 24-hours, this is the highest daily spike globally. In a steep spike, the number of Covid-related fatalities recorded also jumped to 2104. Political leaders including Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal have expressed that the healthcare system seems to have reached its breaking point. 

The country’s total caseload stands at 1,59,30,965 cases while the number of overall deaths recorded is 1,84,657. The worst-affected state with Coronavirus, Maharashtra, on Tuesday, reported 62,097 fresh cases taking the overall caseload to 39.6 lakh. After Maharashtra, the southern states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have reported the highest number of infections.

India’s medical infrastructure has been severely hit as the states are reporting a shortage of vital resources required in Covid-related treatment like hospital beds, medical oxygen, vaccine doses and an anti-viral drug used in Covid-treatment, Remdesivir.

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In these testing times, a disturbing but familiar scenario is being repeated where thousands of migrant workers are gathering in masses and are moving back to their own states from big states. On being asked, these migrant workers say that they have no jobs left due to lockdown and strict curbs and are forced to leave for their survival. These people belong to the weakest sections of society and do not have much in terms of savings.

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