Tuesday, August 16, 2022

India reports 3,688 new Covid cases in last 24 hours

Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Saturday reported an increase in coronavirus cases, with 3,688 new COVID-19 infections recorded in the previous 24 hours.

On Friday, the country recorded a total of 3,377 COVID-19 cases.

According to the Health Ministry, active cases in the country have grown to 18,684, accounting for 0.04 percent of all cases.

In the previous 24 hours, 2,755 COVID patients have recovered, bringing the total number of recoveries since the start of the pandemic to 4,25,33,377. The percentage of recovery is 98.74 percent.

Following this, 4,96,640 COVID-19 tests were performed, bringing the total number of tests to 83.74 crores.

The country has reported 50 COVID-related deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 5,23,803, in last 24 hours.

The daily case positive rate increased from 0.71 percent to 0.74 percent on Friday (on Saturday). The weekly positive rate increased from 0.63 percent on Friday to 0.66 percent on Saturday (on Saturday).

In terms of vaccination, 22,58,059 doses of COVID-19 vaccine were given out over this time period. With this, the total number of vaccines given out as part of the nationwide immunisation campaign has now reached 1,88,89,90,935.

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