India, like all other nations, has stuck to its objective of upholding its national interest while setting the agendas for the foreign policy by resisting the pressure from the United States to call off the deal with Russia over S-400 anti-aircraft missile defense system. The deal has infuriated Donald trump’s administration and they threatened the retaliation by Curbing American Adversary Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

Several decisions that were taken on the First tour by Donald Trump’s close aide after the Narendra Modi’s government came back to power included the plan to set up a dialogue process to call off the mini trade war between the nations over the imports of apples and motorcycles to India and Steel and aluminum to the United States.

The United States secretary of state Pompeo found the issues between these two nations as natural that can occur over a period of time and called on the administrators of both countries to involve in a constructive dialogue to address the lack of trust that seems to be growing nowadays. The point that India has stood ground for the S-400 deals and gave up on Iranian oil shows how personal bonhomie between Russian president Vladimir Putin and PM Narendra Modi shapes the policies between Russia and India.

External affairs minister of Indi Subramanian Jaishankar addressing the media sitting along with Mike Pompeo raised the issue of terrorism and highlighted the no tolerance policy for terrorism from both the nations. Mike Pompeo, in a move, read undiplomatic by the experts, said that Iran is one of the biggest exporters of terrorism and India has suffered from terrorism for a very long period of time. S Jaishankar didn’t add any fuel to the fire between the US and Iran.


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