What transpired at the Red Fort and Delhi-NCR on the occasion of Republic Day has left everyone in shock. The presence of Khalsa symbols at protest site diverted the focus from farmers issue to Sikh identity. However, amid the chaos, one must be cautious to not make the farmers issue a religious issue. Farmers’ issue is not a Sikh issue and one must not attempt to make it one. Questioning the farm laws and protesting against the farm laws is not against India.

We as a news channel have done hours of programming glorifying Sikh heroes, saluting their contribution to the country and warned against making the issue of farm laws a religious issue. Our focus and the country’s focus at the moment should remain on finding solutions for farmers issue and doubling farmer’s income.

Hence, attack on journalists covering the farmers’ agitation on ground is uncalled for and highly condemnable. Five NewsX and India News journalists, namely Aishwarya Jain, Ajit Shrivastava, Priya Singh, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Aditya Nair have been threatened and assaulted by unidentified anti-social elements while covering the protests. They have been threatened, assaulted and stopped from simply doing their duty.

As multiple forces bid to spreading disharmony among our own people, it is our responsibility to stand with the Sikh Pride and steer clear of malign agendas. It is our responsibility to come up with solutions that help our farmers secure a stable income.