External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday expressed her willingness to help the Indian couple who are facing child abuse and child neglect charge in the US after NewsX highlighted their plight. Florida’s Children’s Protective Services took the couple’s children into protective custody after the couple tried to admit their 6-month-old baby girl at another hospital after the doctors at the first hospital weren’t of much help. One of the baby’s hands were severely swollen and the beleaguered couple took her to the nearest hospital for treatment.

While the doctors didn’t help them, the parents took their baby to another hospital to have a second opinion. Unable to understand the motive behind the parent’s decision to shift the baby to another hospital, officials at the first hospital involved the Children’s Protective Services who took the baby away in July 2018 and a case was slapped against Prakash Settu (baby’s father).

Currently, Settu has been kept at Paul Rein Detention Facility, 2421 NW 16 Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33069. The attorney of Settu informed the Indian Consulate in New York City that his hearing will be held on Thursday at 9 am.

On Thursday morning, NewsX will seek consular access to Settu after it receives a confirmation from the Attorney. Apart from that, NewsX has also contacted Indian community and hospital officials to provide facts of the case too.