Indian engineer shot at in the USA: An Indian young engineer was shot at in Michigan’s Detroit, US, by robbers earlier this week after the latter robbed him, media reports said. Sai Krishna, Telangana based electrical engineer was shot at by robbers and is currently very critical, said the GoFundMe campaign page, that has been planning to raise US$ 250,000 for his medical treatment. As per media reports, he completed his engineering from Lawrence Tech University, Southfield Michigan.

Over a telephonic conversation, his friend Srujith told news agency ANI that Krishna a hails from a very underprivileged background and has endured a lot to move to the US for better livelihood. The incident took place when the robbers first barged in his car and persuaded him to drive at a remote place. Following which, they mugged him and attacked him and left him in freezing temperature, he added.

After the incident, an ambulance reached the spot and took the injured to the near hospital. His other friends later sought help from GoFundMe – a website for crowdfunding for his treatment.

And the website called for a campaign known as ‘Support Sai Krishna’. He was shot when he was returning from work at night on January 3, media reports said. 

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