The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in cooperation with the Indian Navy successfully completed the test of the ‘SAHAYAK-NG’, India’s first independently developed Air Dropped Container on December 30. SAHAYAK-NG was dropped off the coast of Goa by an Ilyushin Il 38 Dolphin aircraft that belonged to the Indian Navy. the coast of Goa on Wednesday.

The Indian Navy reported that this successful project will improve its supply capability greatly as well as provide critical engineering stores. It has an immediate range of 2,000 km from the coastline of India. This way, ships can be resupplied without having to return to the mainland and much quicker too.

The SAHAYAK-NG is an upgraded variant of the SAHAYAK Mk I. The container also has GPS capability and can be loaded with cargo upto 50 kilograms. Any heavy aircraft is eligible to carry and drop the container.

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Naval Science and Technological Laboratory established in Visakhapatnam and the Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment based in Agra are responsible for adding the SAHAYAK-NG in India’s inventory. The company Avantel is also credited with installing the GPS system.

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