Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Indian shipment of food and medical supplies to arrive in Sri Lanka tomorrow

A delivery of rice, milk powder, and medicines worth more than LKR 2 billion is due to arrive in Colombo on Sunday as part of India’s humanitarian assistance to Sri Lanka.

Rice, milk powder, medications, and other medical supplies make up the shipment. M K Stalin, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, flagged off the shipment from Chennai on Wednesday.

Chief Minister Office tweeted, “The Hon’ble Chief Minister @mkstalin flagged off 9000 metric tones of rice, 200 metric tonnes of spirit powder, and 24 metric tones of critical pharmaceuticals in a cargo ship to Sri Lanka to support the people of Sri Lanka.”

In addition, the Indian High Commission tweeted, “People of #India supporting their brothers and sisters in #SriLanka. On Sunday, rice, milk powder, and medicines costing more than SLR 2 billion are expected to arrive in #Colombo. The shipment was flagged off from #Chennai on Wednesday by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister @mkstalin.”

Since the beginning of the year, India has offered to deliver nearly USD 3 billion in loans, credit swaps, and credit lines to the debt-ridden island nation. India has also shown an interest in cooperating with the new Sri Lankan government.

Food and fuel shortages, skyrocketing prices, and power outages are hurting a large number of people in Sri Lanka, leading in massive protests against the government’s handling of the problem.

Sri Lanka’s relationship with India is growing stronger and more mutually beneficial. Apart from aid during the pandemic and fertilizer chaos, when India delivered nano fertilizer to save Sri Lankan farmers, New Delhi has pledged nearly USD 3 billion in cash-strapped Colombo through currency swaps, credit lines for essential goods, and loan repayments since January 2022 to assist Sri Lanka in the midst of one of the worst economic crises in history.

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