A major mishap was averted after two Indigo aircraft came face-to-face over Bengaluru airspace. As per reports, the Indigo planes were just seconds away from the mid-air collision. All the passengers onboard the Indigo flights were de-boarded safely. Commenting on the averted mid-air collision, Indigo stated that the pilots of both the flights were alerted by the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) following which the crash was averted. As per reports, the incident took place on July 10. Reacting on the incident, Indigo said that TCAS- Resolution Advisory system was triggered that alerted the pilots of both the flights.

The airlines further stated that they have followed a normal procedure in the incident and have reported the matter to the aviation regulator. As per reports, the incident took place between two Indigo aircrafts operation from Coimbatore to Hyderabad and Bangalore to Cochin.

As per reports, the two Indigo planes were just 4 miles away from each other when the TCAs was activated and the pilots were alerted about a possible mid-air collision. Earlier in May, a major mishap was averted after an Indigo plane and an Indian Air Force (IAF) Aircraft came close over Chennai airspace. The passenger carrier then steered away after a safety warning was triggered.

As per reports, the aircraft was just 300 feet away from each other. The Resolution Advisory is basically and auto-generated warning in the cockpit for the pilot to avoid the mid-air collision.

The following incident comes to light just a few weeks after two Indigo planes escaped a massive mid-air collision over Guwahati airspace. Even though no serious casualty was reported, some passengers and crew members were given medical aid. 


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