Indirapuram suicide case: A dreadful incident has been reported from Indirapuram where a couple allegedly killed their two children and later themselves by jumping from the eighth floor of their building. The murder-suicide mystery doesn’t really end here as another woman, learnt to be the second wife of the man also jumped along but survived. She is currently admitted to the hospital where the doctors have declared her serious. Sources suggest that the three jumped at about 5 am this morning, though the investigation is underway in the matter.

As far as the children are concerned, the police reported that they were sleeping when the parents killed them and the reason behind this shocking incident is speculated to be financial and family tensions.

In a report published by NewsNation, the security guards of the apartment complex heard a loud bang and as soon as they reached closer they found bodies drenched in blood on the ground. The guards then informed the police.

India TV has reported that the family was undergoing immense financial stress and the initial investigation has also revealed that the suicide note was scribbled on the bedroom walls of the kids. The couple, in their suicide note wished for a combined cremation and blamed acquaintance Rakesh Sharma for their suicide.

Deceased man’s brother on the allegation, if another woman was the second wife, said she was the couple’s business partner and used to reside with them only. The couple had moved to the apartment a few months back, and not many in the neighborhood knew them well.

This is not the first time when a horrendous incident like this has happened. It was only a year ago when news emerged from New Delhi’s Burari area where a family of 11 members committed suicide by hanging themselves from the ceiling. Initially, everyone thought it to be a well-planned murder, but the evidence carved by the police shocked everyone. The police recovered handwritten notes from the house which clearly hinted at family’s inclination towards religious omen, superstition and most importantly black magic.

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