Monday, August 8, 2022

Innovative Idea- One scan a QR code to check availability of beds in Andhra Pradesh

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has come up with another ‘trump card’ to cope with the spread of Covid-19 in the state. Citizens themselves can now monitor and check the availability of beds in the 138 hospitals across the state. All one has to do is scan a QR code to obtain all the necessary details regarding the allocation and availability of beds in his/her respective district.

The state already has 104,108,14410 and various other state and district helpline numbers catering to a plethora of healthcare needs of the citizens operating with full force. With the rise in the number of cases and therefore, the workload on each of these helplines, giving citizens as many options as possible to gather information during emergencies has become a necessity. This initiative to use the ‘QR code’ technology is an attempt to not only diversify the options but also reduce the response time in case of emergencies.

The state Government has been proactive in assessing on ground realities and adapting to the same during the process of formulating policies . From extending financial assistance for funerals to paying a sum of 5000 to encourage citizens to donate plasma to the CM himself asking the officials to ensure that beds are allocated within 30 minutes, the government has come up with a solution for every challenge it had to face.

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With over 130 hospitals spread across 13 districts, helplines for Covid and non-Covid medical needs, a strong army of over 2.5 lakh volunteers to execute policies, a transparent data disseminating machinery and an alert leadership which is willing to formulate policies real time , Andhra Pradesh has set multiple examples when it comes to dealing with the virus and it’s consequences and this move surely adds to it.

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