Taking the cognizance on the exponential rise in road accidents, concerned authorities have decided to cancel the licenses of the drivers who have been involved in fatal accidents. As per sources, the accident cases will be reviewed by an investigating officer and if the officer passes an adverse opinion on the case, the person’s driver’s license can be cancelled for up to 3 or 6 months. The strict action is taken so that the driver involved in the fatal accident is unable to drive soon after getting bail.

The idea behind the move was first found by the Noida police. After collecting the data of such accused drivers, booked for causing fatal accidents from over 20 police stations, the Noida police recommended the idea to the transport department of the state. According to reports, following the push from the authorities, the Superintendent of Police (traffic department) has shared a list of 153 accused with the department of state. The list will now be reviewed by the investigating officer and he will be passing a report on each driver named in the list.

While speaking to TOI, SP (traffic) Anil Jha said that the move is to stop the drivers from driving right after they get a bail in fatal accidents. He said, “In many accident cases, it is seen an accused gets bail after few days and starts driving again. However, we have recommended the licence of the accused be immediately suspended and the same be cancelled in case the report of the investigating officer concerned finds the accused to be at fault in that case.”

Commenting on the matter, the transport department of the state said that it will suspend the licences of those involved in fatal accidents. However, the department said that it will decide on the period after sending a show-cause notice to the accused. Speaking on the permanent cancellation of the license, it said that ART will wait for a report from the police station where the case was registered.

According to traffic police reports, there have been around 340 deaths in 858 accidents in the district from January to October 2017. Licence suspension for traffic rule violations includes driving under influence of alcohol or drugs, red-light jumping, carrying overload in goods carriages and persons in goods carriages, and using a mobile phone while driving, following a direction of the Supreme Court-appointed Committee on Road Safety.

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