Sources suggest that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will launch a rocket into space in the month of February that will be reserved for only carrying private satellites. Three of these private satellites have been made by Indian startups that will be carried from Sriharikota launch centre on February 28.

The PSLV-C51 will be launched from the first launchpad and its primary payload will be Amazonia-1 satellite, developed by Brazil. Brazil dedicated eight years to developing Amazonia-1 satellite which is aimed at monitoring the ecosystem of the Amazon forest. Amazonia-1 has already reached the Sriharikota launch centre through Chennai from Brazil. Four members of the team that developed this satellite have also reached the launch centre to see the successful launch.

Addressing the upcoming PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) launch, ISRO chairman K Sivan called this launch a part of space reforms. ISRO chairman said that these reforms were aimed at increasing the involvement of private Indian companies in the space sector.

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The other three satellites will be carried by the space vehicle are SATISH SAT from Space Kids India, ANAND from Pixel India and UNIT SAT by a consortium of universities.

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