Following torrential rains in the financial capital of the country, water-logging and big traffic jams have once again lock-down Mumbai.

With more than average season rain since Tuesday morning that has been pouring in the city, Suburban railway services and other public transport services have been massively affected. 

While the entire city is severely affected due to heavy rainfall, Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis spoke exclusively to NewsX and updated about the current situation and steps taken by his government to deal with situation.

Devendra Fadnavis said that there has been unprecedented rains in the city and around 7-8 areas there has been over 200mm of  rainfall while the average rainfall remains around 120mm in the entire city. Heavy rainfall has led to to the flooding in many parts of the city and Mumbai being a coastal city, in the high tide time, the water is not able to flush out. So water-logging problem is there.

Speaking about suburban railways, Fadnavis said that since the train services has been affected, a lot of load has shifted on road causing more traffic jams.

“Fortunately, since we have entire CCTV network in Mumbai, we are able to find alternative routes. We have given traffic advisories to the people so that they don’t get stranded and through alternative routes we are advising the people to be alert,” CM said. 

The chief minister also said that if traffic stops at few places, through alternative routes, we are tying to restart the traffic. Moreover, the disaster control rooms of the municipality corporation of the state government, police and administration are all working 24-7. We are reaching out to the people through Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, messages, calls. So the entire administration is assessing the situation. 

“I would like to advise people  that they should remain at their homes and not step out until its absolutely necessary Also I would like to advise people who are in offices to stay back for sometime because the railway department has informed us that they will assess the situation in an hour and will then decide whether the railway services can be resumed or not. Once the railway services are resumed, it will be a bit easy… We are continuously informing the people to follow the traffic advisories.” 

Mentioning about their plans for the tomorrow, Devendra Fadnavis said that are also assessing the situation to what to do tomorrow. Based on the inputs from IMD department, further advisories about whether to allow people to got to the office or not will be issued.

“We will issue the advisories tonight (Tuesday) may be by 8:30PM or 9PM.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi have discussed the situation in detail and has assured of all possible help from the government of India, the Chief Minister added. He also said the Home Minister Rajnath Singh has also discussed the situation and said that additional NDRF teams are on standby. So if the situation worsens or anything is required then the NDRF can come into action. 

“The IMD is predicting that the next 48 hours there will be heavy rains and we are also taking other information about what would be intensity, etc. So, once we will get the input from the IMD, further advisories will be issued to the people.”

Speaking on the water-logging problem, Fadnavis said, “there are 219 pumps that are tying to pump out the water but unfortunately in Mumbai there is a high tide and you cannot pump out water because the pressure of water from the sea is very heavy. Still the pumps are working 24/7.