A 9-year-old girl was allegedly gangraped by her stepbrother and his friends in Kashmir’s Baramulla, police said on Wednesday. The heinous crime was encouraged by the victim’s stepmother and the incident unfolds a gruesome story of hatred, jealousy and revenge within a family. The matter came to light when the decomposed body of the victim was found in a forest on September 2, 2018. The police said they found the body in a very bad condition as the victim’s eyes were gouged out with a sharp knife and her body was burnt with an acid before throwing it out in the forest.

Reports said that the decomposed body was dumped in a forest near family’s home in Uri. The victim’s stepmother, her 14-year-old stepbrother and three others have been arrested in connection with the matter. Soon after, the police recovered the body from the forest, it launched a probe into the matter. A senior police officer at Baramulla revealed that the stepmother of the victim was jealous of the non-local wife of her husband and her children.

During the interrogation, she revealed the chilling details of the entire incident. She agreed that she was jealous of the fact that her husband spends more time with the second wife and his 9-year-old girl. This was the reason that the stepmother came up with the conspiracy to kill her stepdaughter.

She along with her son and his friends took her to the nearby forest. There she asked her son to rape the girl. The girl was then gangraped by her 14-year-old stepbrother along with her friends and it all took place in front of the victim’s mother.

What came after it was more chilling. The stepmother strangled the girl and her stepbrother hit her head with an axe. The impact of the strike was so hard that the girl died on the spot. One of the accused, a 19-year-old man then gouged out her eyes with a knife while the other one poured the acid on the body.