In a fresh turn of events, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has sounded the election bugle for the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabah polls during the Jan Aakrosh rally at Delhi’s Ramlila ground. Interestingly, this rally was also addressed by Sonia Gandhi and former PM Manmohan Singh. According to a report, Gandhi scion made the sharp comments on PM Narendra Modi and asserted that the people across the country are unhappy with the functioning of the Centre. “I interact with many people around the country. Whenever I ask them if they are happy with the Modi Govt, the reply is a resounding ‘No’.” The Congress President also claimed that his party will sweep every election from now on and will also emerge victorious in the upcoming 2019 elections. “Congress will win in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan”.

According to a report, Rahul pointed fingers at the Modi government for being insensitive towards the atrocities faced by farmers. “The prime minister took away the bonus due to the farmers. He does not increase the MSP and then he talks of being pro-farmer. He accused Centre for not being responsive to the demands for a waiver of farm loans. He further said, “Had the Congress party not stood up for the farmer, Modiji would have snatched the land of all farmers.”

Speaking about the recent PM Modi visit to China’s Wuhan province, the Congress party president claimed that the prime minister was held the meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping without any agenda. He blamed Modi for not discussing about the crucial Doklam face-off despite knowing that the ‘dragon’ is building a helipad and positioning its troops in the conflicted region.

Referring to the Assembly elections in Gujarat, where the Congress’ assessment is that it came close to winning, Rahul said, “The strength of the Congress worker was for all to see in Gujarat. The entire might of the Gujarat government and the union government was deployed. The CBI and the ED were also used. However, when our workers stood up, Modiji was forced to sit in a sea-plane. His face showed that he was rattled.” Notably, this was his first public rally in capital after taking over as Congress party president.

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