Defending his stand of felicitating 8 convicts of Ramgarh lynching case, Union minister Jayant Sinha claimed that he has just honoured the law. The following justification the Union Minister came in after a row erupted after the minister’s photograph of garlanding 8 convicts of lynching case in Ramgarh’s Jharkhand. The incident took place when the convicts got a bail and reached Jayant Sinha’s house. Apart from irking the opposition, the union minister of state for civil aviation also annoyed the netizens that resulted in severe criticism for the leader from all corners of the country.

Reacting on the matter, former BJP leader, Union Minister, Yashwant Sinha called it a disgrace and said his son his a “Nalayak”. While the opposition said that the incident was ‘despicable’. Apart from opposition several BJP leaders also slammed the actions of Jayant Sinha.

Hitting out the Union minister, one Twitter user said that by felicitating the Ramgarh convicts, Sinha has clearly given out his stand and his thinking about Muslims. The user further added that the justification by the minister is just damage control as from deep inside he hats Muslims.

The other user questioned Jayant Sinha if bail was same as an acquittal?

While some said that this incident has unveiled the true face of BJP leaders who garland the convict of Ramgarh lynching.

Another twitter user said that by honouring the ‘cow terrorits’ Sinha is clearly endorsing violence and terrorism in the name of the cow. He further urged PM Modi to expel Sinha over his act.

Some also termed it as governmnet sponsored terrorism. Some further compared him to a moron and said that it was very hard for them to believe that he went to IIT and Harvard.

Some added that why do people blame fake news when the convicts are being honoured by none other than the leaders of the ruling party.

The following criticism came in after a series of photographs of Union minister Jayant Sinha garlanding 8 of 11 convicts of Ramgarh lynching case inside his house soon after they were given bail.

As per reports, a total of 11 men, including a BJP leader, were rewarded life imprisonment for lynching a 55-year-old Muslim man.

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