Just a few hours after a video of a minor girl being molested by three men in Uttar Pradesh’s Jhansi went viral, the investigating authorities of UP Police have nabbed one accused in the matter. The reports were later confirmed by Kuldeep Narain, Superintendent of Police, said that one of the accused was arrested on Monday night. The officer added that special teams have been formed to nab the two absconding accused. Reports suggest that the molestation took place on July 12 but the matter was recently highlighted after the accused had shared the video on a social media platform.

As per police reports, the incident took place after she had gone to a field to give food to her mother. The officer said that the girl had walked just a few metres from her house when one of her friends offered her a lift to the fields. While the two were on their way, a group of unidentified men, including a minor, stopped the two mid-way and tried to molest the girl.

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The video went viral on social media, the police were pressed into action and have nabbed the prime accused of the matter. In the 6-minute video, the girl was heard shouting for help while the accused pulled her by the hair and dragged her into the fields.

In the viral video, the girl was seen sitting ground after being surrounded by the accused. The accused men were also seen torturing the girl by asking her that what was she doing in the jungle.

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Reports suggest that the incident took place in a village area that is some 40 kilometres from Jhansi.

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