Two Muslim men were lynched by the mob in allegations for stealing cattle from a house in Santhal Village on Wednesday, June 13. Both the men were beaten to death by the angry mob after they recovered 2 buffalo cattle from them. As per reports, the deceased were accused of stealing 13 buffaloes in last few months. The police has identified as them as Sirabuddin Ansari (35) and Murtaza Ansari (30). Briefing the incident, Superintendent of Police (SP) Rajiv Kumar Sigh said that both the victims were beaten to death by villagers after they recovered 2 cattle from them.

A person named Murmu has of the same village has accused them of stealing 13 buffaloes. As per sources, there were 5 people who stole the animals but they failed to do the same in Santhal village of Jharkhand. Out of 5 gang members, 2 were caught by the people, while 3 managed to flee from the spot.

The incident happened after villagers recovered 2 buffaloes from the accused and beaten them to death.  An investigating officer said that both of the deceased were the habitual criminal and were named in many cases.

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Earlier on Tuesday, a Muslim cleric was beaten mercilessly by a group of people in Ranchi. The incident happened when he was returning home from after evening prayers and a group of miscreants forced him to chant Jai Shri Ram.

The victim cleric was identified as Azhar-ul-Islam, who is suffering from multiple injuries and was later admitted to the hospital.

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“While returning home from evening prayer some people attacked him. He was asked to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’,” the victim’s father said. On the complaint of victim’s father, Jharkhand police has lodged a case and the probe is underway.  

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