Another shocking case of crime against women has surfaced from Ramgarh in Jharkhand where a woman was gang-raped and later murdered. According to the preliminary information, the girl met this fate after he married a man from a different religion and denied to be converted into other religion. The incident surfaced after victim’s body, who was missing for more than a month, was found near Garga river near Ramgarh. As per postmortem reports, it has been discovered that the woman was gang-raped before she was killed. While the initial investigation in the case is underway, the police have arrested woman’s lover who during the interrogation revealed the shocking and unfortunate ordeal from which the woman had to go through.

During the interrogation by the police, Aadil Ansari and the woman had run from home to get married. After getting married, they went to Aadil’s uncle’s place in Bokaro district. After finding that Aadil had married a woman from a different religion, he called his father and informed him the same. Later, both Aadil’s father and uncle asked the couple that since they both are from different religions, the girl has to get converted from her religion. However, the couple denied and said that they will together. Following this argument, Aadil’s father said, “Ok, let’s drop you to Rajabeda area from where you guys can take a train to Ranchi.”

While the couple agreed to this, Aadil’s father and uncle took a way to drop them which was going through a jungle. When the woman noticed this, she asked why are we taking this route, if the station is far away then they would have taken a ride in the car. Hearing this, Aadil’s father said that are you already feeling nervous about life. There is still a lot that you will have to face in your life. After saying this, Aadil’s father grabbed him and his uncle took his wife into the forest. Aadil while narrating the incident to the police said that till one hour he heard the girl screaming and after that there was silence. Following this brutal and heinous crime, the investigation is underway in the case.

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