Jio Gigafiber offers blazing fast internet speeds: Jio Gigafiber offers blazing fast internet speeds according to the requirement of the consumer. Reports said Jio Gigafiber broadband service to the Home FTTH can deliver up to 1 Gbps speed and the service is free for the first three months. Apart from that, the high-speed internet service allows users to download 100 GB of data every month. The new Preview Offer launched by Reliance Jio at Rs 2,500 offers single-band Routers. It supports 2.4G connections and enforces the 50 Mbps speed. After the exhaustion of the limit, the speed limit of the service will automatically be reduced to 1 Mbps.

Since Jio faces competition from other fibre optic broadband companies like Spectra and ACT Fibernet, the telco is offering different data plans and different peak speeds according to consumer’s requirement. Jio had promised that its GigaFiber service would offer maximum speeds of up to 1Gbps.

In an official letter, Jio had claimed the Ultra-Fast Broadband Service will take only 1 minute to download 100 photos (500MB) at 100 Mbps speed while the current broadband takes almost an hour to complete the same task at 1 Mbps speed. To download 100 songs (1 GB data), Jio Gigafiber broadband (@100Mbps) will take only 2 minutes compared to current broadband’s 2 hours at 1 Mbps speed. Jio Gigafiber broadband will complete the task of downloading of True HD movies (1 GB) in flat 7 minutes vis-a-vis current Broadband’s 11 hours.

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The JioGigaFiber Preview offer gives you ultra-high-speed internet up to 100Mbps free for a Limited Preview Period and access to Jio’s premium apps. The scheme allows a consumer to enjoy high-speed internet services by performing a complimentary data top-up of 40 GB via MyJio App or through even if the data quota comes to an end. The company levies no installation charges. If anybody has taken the ONT device (GigaHub Home Gateway through Debit card, Credit Card, Jio Money or Pay TM, he/she will be refunded Security Deposit of Rs 2,500.

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