Students of Jawaharlal Nehru University are protesting against the hike in the fee structure of hostel and about the dress code and curfew timings. On Monday, the student of the University lead the protest march towards the Parliament and held up the banners of saving the public education and about how the fee must fall down so that the students can be ensured of affordable hostels. In support of the students the big shots are reacting in such a way that is giving motivation to them and the big shots came out on social media and started reacting for the support of the protest and raised the question towards the Arvind Kejriwal’s government and the central government.

The big shots came out as a huge support to the students of the University and one of the pursuing student and a politician/ activist, Shehla Rashid also said that the government supporters are stealing the private pictures of the students from their facebook and are circulating them, that is making the JNU protest even more intensified. Shehla added to it that such type of activity will not break the protest and the protest is not about anyone’s look or habit, the protest is all about the future of the students.

Actor, director Pooja Bhatt also tweeted about the JNU protest and said that education is the right of the students as breathing clean air is and it is not a privilege to them. Pooja reacted against the brutality of the police against the students and she questioned the police that is they forgetting about their primary duties that are to serve and protect and not to show brutality against students. Pooja added to it that it is tragic to see how the police are treating the students of JNU.

Swara Bhasker is always seen taking the sides of the student of JNU and this time she is again up with it as she against the Delhi Police and is saying that Lathi Charge on students is wrong as they were protesting peacefully. She further added that the students have the right to exercise their democratic rights and they all were leading a peaceful protest as the students are about to finish their degrees and if the hike of the fee will be there the students won’t be able to complete it.

Audrey Tusche also said that when the students are protesting for their right, the place should protect them instead of assaulting them.

Every other social media user and the big shots have taken the sides of JNU students as they say that the students are only asking for their rights peacefully but are being assaulted for exercising their right.

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