JNUSU Elections 2018 LIVE updates: The counting of votes for the Jawahar Lal Nehru (JNU) Student Elections 2018 resumed on Sunday and resulted in favour of Left parties alliance as they won all four seats including the president, vice-president, general secretary and joint secretary post with the thumping mandates.    

Left alliance’s N Sai Balaji has become the newly elected president, Sarika Chaudhary has been elected as vice-president, Aejaz Ahmed Rather as the general secretary and Amutha Jayadeep as the joint secretary.

ABVP bagged the second position in the race and called it a victory of will and thanked students for their support.      

Earlier, the election committee on Friday suspended the counting of votes for the Jawaharlal Nehru University Student Union (JNUSU) elections 2018 after some ABVP students allegedly broke the glasses of the SIS building. The reports suggested that the incident happened around 4 am on Saturday.

After the JNU committee announced to suspend the counting, all JNU organisations including AISA, DSF, NSUI, BAPSA, SFI, SRJD and other, issued a joint statement demanding ABVP members Saurabh Sharma, Raghavendra Mishra, Akhilesh Pathak and others to vacate the counting venue immediately and allow the election committee to continue to counting process. The JNU committee has also demanded an unconditional apology from ABVP as some EC members got injured in the incident.

However, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) on Saturday refused all the allegations put by Election committee and countered saying officials were trying to rig polls in favour of left parties and did not allow ABVP’s counting agent to enter.

Here are the LIVE updates:


Left Unity victory march


General Secretary Aejaz Ahmed Rather

Democracy is under threat, said Aejaz Ahmed Rather as he began his speech after his election as General Secretary. People who speak against RSS-BJP ideology are being threatened and termed anti-national, urban-Naxals, they even tried to malign the image of JNU, he added. We will fight against BJP-RSS to save democracy which is being threatened, said newly-elected General Secretary.

JNU students through their ballots continued the legacy of the university, adding that election results show that we are united against the RSS-BJP. He also raised the RSS-BJP hooliganism during the student union elections. Capturing of polling booths and manhandling of election committee is shameful and had never happened in the history of JNU, he said while ending his speech.

President N Sai Balaji

N Sai Balaji made his first speech after his election as President and talked about the reservation and social justice in the university and country. Women, Dalits, Muslims are being attacked today, he said. He also raised the issues related to funding, seat cut in the university. I want to thank the JNU election committee which despite being under pressure conducted free and fair elections in the university, he added.

Watch: United Left celebrates poll results


Left alliance's N Sai Balaji is the new president, Sarika Chaudhary is the vice-president, Aejaz Ahmed Rather is the new general secretary and Amutha Jayadeep has become the joint secretary of JNUSU

AISA students celebrating the thumping victory


Left alliance workers celebrating the victory





JNUSU election results 2018

As per the trends of Jawahar Lal Nehru Student Elections 2018, it seems like Left parties alliance is likely to bag all 4 posts including the president, vice-president, general secretary, and joint secretary post.

Trends after counting of 4481 votes out of 5185

Jayant Kumar (RJD)-459
Lalit Pandey (ABVP )-833
N Sai Balaji (Left Unity)- 1861
Thallapalli Praveen (BAPSA)- 585
Vikas Yadav (NSUI)- 354

Vice President
Geeta Sri (ABVP)- 872
liji (NSUI)- 417
Purna chandra (BAPSA)- 554
Sarika (Left Unity)- 2209

General Secretary
Aejaj (Left Unity)- 2115
Ganesh (ABVP)- 1079
Md. Mufizul (NSUI)- 306
Vishambhar Nath(BAPSA)- 686

Amutha (Left Unity)- 1775
Kanaklata Yadav (BAPSA)-568
Nureng Reena (NSUI)- 693
Venkat Chaubey (ABVP)- 1071

JNUSU election result 2018 counting underway

The counting of votes for the JNU Students' Elections 2018 is underway and as per the latest trends, the Left alliance is leading the race.

Results after counting of 3931/5185 Votes

ABVP- 741
Left- 1616

ABVP- 770
Left- 1900

ABVP- 973
Left- 1835

Jt Sec
ABVP- 943
Left- 1552

JNUSU result counting underway

Left candidate Aejaz Ahmad Rather is leading the race for General Secretary post with 1351 votes, say reports.

JNUSU election 2018 results counting underway

Results After Counting 3281/5185 Votes
ABVP: 605
RJD: 350
Left Unity: 1350
BAPSA: 436
NSUI: 251

ABVP: 623
Left Unity: 1571
BAPSA: 414
NSUI: 342

ABVP: 834
Left Unity: 1539
BAPSA: 512

Jt Sec
ABVP: 781
Left Unity: 1312
BAPSA: 430
NSUI: 477

Results after counting of 2931/5185 votes

ABVP: 561
RJD: 318
Left Unity: 1193
BAPSA: 391
NSUI: 222

ABVP: 570
Left Unity: 1371
BAPSA: 371
NSUI: 310

ABVP: 778
Left Unity: 1351
BAPSA: 466

Jt Sec
ABVP: 720
Left Unity: 1152
BAPSA: 388
NSUI: 410

Counting of votes underway

After counting of 2206 votes

1.Balaji LEFT:891
2.Lalit ABVP: 502
3.Praveen: 291
4.Jayant: 260

Vice President
1.GeetaSri ABVP :514
2. Sarika LEFT: 1095
3. Purna BAPSA : 273
4. NSUI : 259

Gen Sec
1.Aejaz LEFT : 1018
2.Ganesh ABVP : 705
3.VishambharBAPSA: 358

1.Amutha LEFT :880
2.Kanaklata BAPSA :298
3. Venkat ABVP : 616

Swara Bhaskar at JNU campus

Actor Swara Bhaskar joined the protests by the United Left early Sunday morning. She posed with NewsX.com reporter Ashutosh Kumar for a picture after he asked her for a selfie photo. Kumar had asked her as a fan and not as a media person.

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar at JNU campus

Counting updates!

Votes counted 700/5185

President: ABVP: 202, RJD: 102, Left Unity: 183, BAPSA: 51, NSUI: 51

Vice President: ABVP: 202, Left Unity: 222, BAPSA: 35, NSUI: 142

General Secretary: ABVP: 241, Left Unity: 212, BAPSA: 56, NSUI: 52

Joint Secretary: ABVP: 236, Left Unity: 178, BAPSA: 59, NSUI: 86

NSUI wins one seat in SIS

NSUI candidate won one seat in School of International Studies, counting on rest 4 is underway.

Counting updates!

School of International Studies Counsellor Final results:

Karabee LEFT: 329
Aishe Ghosh LEFT: 424
Shyam Kumar LEFT: 273
Vishnu NSUI: 274
Srijani LEFT: 278
Sachin LEFT: 215

Counting updates!

#JNUSU Election
Votes counted 500/5815


ABVP: 142
RJD: 71
Left Unity: 156
NSUI: 42

Vice President

ABVP: 142
Left Unity: 183
NSUI: 110

General Secretary

ABVP: 177
Left Unity: 173
NSUI: 39

Jt Secretary

ABVP: 174
Left Unity: 143
NSUI: 69

Counting update!

JNUSU election vote counting under way. After 400 vote counting, left leads in top three posts. ABVP leads for Joint Secretary post.

Shehla Rashid tweeted!


Left Unity leading with high margin!

After the counting of 250 ballots at Central Panel at all combined science schools, Left Unity candidates are leading all the posts with high margin.

#JNUSU Election
Votes counted 250/5700


ABVP: 67
RJD: 40
Left Unity: 71
NSUI: 21

Vice President

ABVP: 61
Left Unity: 82
NSUI: 67

General Secretary

ABVP: 79
Left Unity: 89
NSUI: 20

Jt. Secretary

ABVP: 77
Left Unity: 80
NSUI: 33

Big cheer for United Left

Early election results have brought a cheer on the face Left supporters. After 200 votes counting, in all central panel post, United Left is leading.

United Left is leading!


Counting update! Here are the details:

JNUSU elections counting update!

United Left is all set to have a clean sweep in all councillor posts in the school of social science. United left ahead in 4 councillor post in the School of International Studies. One left candidate trailing by 7 votes behind NSUI candidate.

JNUSU elections counting update! Left candidates leading...


JNUSU counting!

After 1st round, science school vote opening

United Left leading!

After counting 350 votes for councillor posts in the School of Languages (SL), United Left (SFI-AISA-AISF-DSF) is leading in all 5 councillor posts.

Slogans during counting!


Counting underway at SSS and SL. Here are the details:

At SL (School of Languages) all the five councillor seats, at SSS (School of Social Sciences) all the five councillor seats are leading by the left unity candidates.

Counting underway!

After 1st round of counting at SIS 4 left unity candidates and one BAPSA & NSUI candidates are leading.

Counting underway!

Counting for councillors in School of International Studies is going on.

Unprecedented elections!

Over 5,000 students cast their vote in JNUSU elections. The voter turnout in the election was 67.8 per cent, believed to be the highest in six years.

"Democracy in JNU under attack"

The AISA and its allies are still adamant about continuing with the counting process without the presence of ABVP’s polling agents: ABVP

Hooliganism of Left unity in JNU: ABVP


May move Delhi HC for justice: ABVP

ABVP said it could move Delhi High Court for justice alleging that Election Committee is biased towards the Left.

ABVP has alleged that students from Left parties attacked its member Onkar Srivastava.

ABVP has alleged that counting exercise was started without informing them. ABVP JNU president Vijay Kumar said the counting process was initiated only in front of rival party members without informing their polling agent.

Counting update!

After 1st round of counting at SIS, 4 Left unity candidates and one BAPSA and NSUI candidates are leading.

ABVP leader Saurabh Sharma led violence during counting, alleges JNUSU EC member, according to certain media reports.

Security guard injured

A security guard got injured when violence took place during counting at JNU.

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