JNUSU elections 2018: The election committee on Friday suspended the counting of votes for the Jawaharlal Nehru University Student Union (JNUSU) elections 2018 after some ABVP students allegedly broke the glasses of the SIS building. The reports suggested that the incident happened around 4 am today.

The election commission has also demanded an unconditional apology from ABVP as some EC members got injured in the incident.

The election committee in a statement said that counting was suspended after 2 candidates tried to snatch the ballot boxes and tried to threaten election committee members.

“JNUSU EC 2018-19 hereby brings to the immediate notice of media friends that during the counting process, which had begun yesterday (14th September 2018) at 10 pm has been suspended due to forcibly entering into the counting venue and attempt to snatch away the sealed ballot boxes as well as ballot papers from our counting centres,” said the JNU election committee.

The statement also mentioned that some students tried to intimidation and misbehaved with the female members of the election committee.

After the EC announced to suspend the counting all JNU organisations including AISA, DSF, NSUI, BAPSA, SFI, SRJD and other, issued a joint statement demanding ABVP members Saurabh Sharma, Raghavendra Mishra, Akhilesh Pathak and others to vacate the counting venue immediately and allow the election committee to continue to counting process.

All organisations in a joint statement alleged that ABVP leaders on Friday night broke the door of SIS-I building where counting is happening, and the barricades in front. They manhandled the guards on duty, snatched phones from people who were video recording and also assaulted some of the journalists who were present there.

“The joint secretary candidate from ABVP even started threatening that he won’t let the election process to proceed. These acts of vandalising public property and attacking the students, EC members and guards are nothing but the reflection of their frustration of being rejected by the student community,” said rest of the parties.

While ABVP said that their counting agent was not allowed to enter when counting started

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