Taking a stand regarding the press conference carried out by the four senior judges of the Supreme Court earlier today, Congress president Rahul Gandhi in a press address made a brief appearance before the media and raised some pertinent questions. Supporting the four senior judges of the apex court, Rahul Gandhi said that the points brought forward by the judges were extremely important and they should be taken seriously. The current situation, the Congress President said, was a threat to democracy and so needed to be looked into with a great deal of seriousness. 

Mentioning the pending Judge Loya mystery death case, Rahul said that if the senior judges mentioned it then it must be thoroughly investigated and brought out in the open in an independent probe. Talking about the coming out of the Supreme Court judges in the way they had, the Congress President said that such a thing had never happened before and was unprecedented. He said all the citizens of India who love the idea of justice and respect the Supreme Court are closely observing this issue and deserve answers.  

Earlier Congress spokesperson RS Surjewala said that the observations made by the SC judges are “extremely disturbing and have far-reaching consequences”.Members of the legal fraternity on Friday also dubbed the apprehensions of four senior judges a major concern, with one claiming that the issue may ‘just be the tip of the iceberg’.

In an unprecedented event in Indian judiciary’s history, four senior sitting judges of the Supreme Court on Friday met the media to allege that the apex court’s administration was ‘not in order’. Justices J. Chelameshwar, Ranjan Gogoi, Kurien Joseph and Madan B. Lokur expressed concern about the need to protect the apex institution of the judiciary and said that ‘for the survival of democracy impartial justices are needed’. 

This is what former LS speaker Somnath Chatterjee had to say on the matter:

This is what Advocate General of Maharashtra Shrihari Aney said regarding the issue:

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