In a new twist to the Judge Loya case, late Justice BH Loya’s son Anuj Loya today (14 January) came out in a press conference and said that, as was being presented and reported, there was no suspicion over his father’s death. In the presser Justice Loya’s son said that his family was pained by the chain of events that have been taking place since the past few days. He requested that he and his family should not be harassed anymore.

Judge Loya’s case once again came into the limelight when on 12 January four senior judges of the Supreme Court came out for the first time in the history of the Indian Judiciary and held a press conference and said: “The administration of the SC is not in order.” During their presser they hinted that the ‘Supreme Court issue’ was related to the Justice Loya case. Anuj further added that he was no one to decide whether there should be further probe into the Justice Loya death case.

At the press conference today when Anuj Loya was questioned about the past and how his family had raised questions on the death of Judge Loya, he said that his family did have suspicions earlier which could be attributed to the emotional turmoil they were in but now both he and his family were sure that there was no suspicion behind the death of Justice Loya. It is a “matter of great regret for the family”, Justice Loya’s son said. Also present at the presser was Justice Loya’s lawyer Ameer Naik who said, “There is no controversy. No need of politicising the issue. This is a tragic event. We do not want to be victims of politicisation of the issue.”

A colleague of Justice Loya, who was also present at the presser, requested the press to not meet the family members of the Judge or harass them. He said that Justice Loya died of a heart attack and that this was confirmed by two of his colleagues who were accompanying him during the time of his death and that should put an end to any suspicion behind the Judge’s death. He said he had approached Amit Shah and then decided to hold this press conference with Anuj Loya who is a second-year student of Law.

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