Supreme Court judge Justice Raman Gogoi on Thursday while delivering the Third Ramnath Goenka Lecture said noisy journalists and the independent judiciary are India’s first line of defence and sometimes independent journalists and noisy judges are needed. The second senior most judge of the Supreme Court further said public institutions, one of them being judiciary were tweaked when the need was felt to give life to the prodigious idea of justice. Speaking about the judiciary, he said that justice is not something that is a standalone idea but an amalgam of democracy, equality, liberty among others. When we perused the Preamble of the Constitution, the ideology of justice is enshrined in the words equality and liberty, he added.

Referring to Shreya Singhal’s judgement, Justice Gogoi said it’s a celebrated judgment which promoted the constitutional ethos of pluralism and liberty in the new digital era. I cannot recall the last time when the judicial wing made so much news, he added.  

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Talking about the constitution, Justice Gogoi said that our Constitution has aspirational and operational aspects. Aspirational aspects deal with morality and idealism. Operational aspects deal with ground reality, he added. Justice Gogoi is one of the 4 judges of the Supreme Court who had publicly criticised Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra.  

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Talking about the importance of the judiciary in the democracy, Justice Gogoi said, “Judiciary today is not a poor workman who blames its tools but a workman who has no tools. There is a pressing need to explore endless need of legal service mechanism.” 

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