Sudhir Makkar aka ‘Golden Baba’, who’s participated in this year’s Kanwar Yatra wearing 20 Kg of gold jewellery on Tuesday arrived in Ghaziabad after travelling more than 200 Km in his journey. He arrived in Ghaziabad not only with golden jewellery but with a cavalcade comprising 21 luxury cars. This year, in comparison with last year’s 14.5 Kg, he’s wearing 20kg of gold.

“The gold has increased, by the grace of God. If the Almighty permits and my health allows, I will continue my yatras. I have a severe stomach infection, which has deteriorated in the past three years. The infection interferes with the rites to be followed during Kanwar Yatra. I visited the best hospitals, even in Mumbai, but found no relief,” Golden Baba was quoted by HT as saying.

Before the start of his Yatra, Golden Baba had announced that this year would be last and according to reports, for his ‘silver jubilee’ yatra, he has spent nearly Rs 1.25 crore in hiring cars, Delhi’s best caterer and waterproof tents, along with doctors and an ambulance.

With the passage of time, my expenditure on the yatra increased every year. But I still remember my first yatra; it cost me just Rs 250. I still want to perform the yatra that way but it is difficult to return to those times. I remember sleeping in tents and eating food offered to devotees,” he told media persons.

It’s said that apart from gold chains Makkar possesses 21 lockets, armlets and a Rolex watch that weighs more than half a kg and is worth around Rs 27 lakh.

This is not it, he owns a BMW, 3 Fortuners, two Audis and two Innovas, which are part of his cavalcade. He was also seen travelling in Hummers, Jaguars and Land Rovers during the Yatra, though rented ones.

“My love for gold and cars will not die. I will hand over the gold to my favourite disciple when I leave the world,” he famously said.