In an exclusive interview to NewsX, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal claimed that Congress will rise like a phoenix from its ashes and will be making a strong comeback in the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Talking to NewsX, post his book — Shades of Truth — launch, former Union Minister Kapil Sibal claimed that he has written this book because he thinks that the common man must know about fake promises done by PM Modi. Slamming the BJP government over their unfulfilled promises, Kapil Sibal said that the people of this country want to know where were the 2 crore jobs that Prime Minister had promised.

Recalling the statements made by PM Modi, Kapil Sibal said that they have now become an extinct memory. He further added that they all will be coming back to haunt him. In an interview to NewsX, Kapil Sibal added that when PM Modi made promises to people in 2014, he already knew that he couldn’t do anything about it as he lacked administrative experience at the national level.

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Attacking PM Modi, Congress’ Kapil Sibal said that since Modi came to power he has only given pain and misery to this country. lauding the UPA government, Kapil Sibal said that it gave 8.25 GDP during its term. Recalling PM Modi’s statement where he claimed to do achieve things in 6 months which Congress failed to do in years, Kapil Sibal said that Modi actually did that Congress couldn’t do — sell petrol at Rs 86 per litre. 

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