In an indirect reference to its coalition partner Congress, Chief Minister of Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy on Saturday, July 14, broke down at a public event saying he is not happy with the current situation of managing a coalition government which lacks the mandate of the people. The incident came to light at an event which was organised by JD(U) to hail him of becoming the CM, where he refused to accept bouquets and garlands and said that I’m swallowing my pain, which is nothing more than poison of being the ‘CM of a coalition’ government.’

The JD(U) leader said he is discontent with the flak he has received in the span of 2 months, after forming a coalition government with the Congress. The backdrop of his emotional speech is a Kodagu boy’s video, which surfaced on social media, stating that roads in the district are fragmented but the CM is not worried. Fishermen from the coastal areas too expressed their anguish against the newly elected CM for failing to waive their loans.

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Expressing his limitations in implementing many promise he made during the election campaign, emotional Kumaraswamy said he does not know if farmers are satisfied or not. The BJP is still accusing him of not fulfilling promises on old age pension, allowance for pregnant women and what not.

Kumrasmay had taken the oath as the CM of state on May 23 after the dramatic resignation of BS Yeddyurappa. His party had emerged 3rd after BJP and Congress.

Though he forged an alignment with the Congress, things have not been too well between the 2 coalition partners. The dichotomy was earlier witnessed over portfolios between the Congress and JD(U), which delayed the formation of the Cabinet.

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