The trust vote for Kumaraswamy government in Karnataka will be held at 11 am today at Vidhana Soudha. The Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar has been given complete freedom by the Supreme Court to decide on the resignation of the rebel MLAs. The ruling government headed by CM HD Kumaraswamy has the strength of 117 comprised of Congress 78, JD(S) 37, BSP 1 and nominated 1. The BJP has reached 107 after 2 Independent MLAs decide to support BJP.

If the resignations of 16 rebel MLAs are accepted or if they are not able to present in the House, the ruling coalition’s tally will be reduced to 101 which will be considered as the lowest number for the government to lead the state. Hence, Opposition-BJP will be invited to prove their majority in the house. BJP, which claimed to have the support of 107 legislators in the 224 Assembly seats in Karnataka is the single-largest party in the state.

Here are the LIVE updates: 

  • Congress MLA Shrimant Patil who is admitted in the Mumbai hospital reportedly said that he went Chennai for some personal work and felt some pain in the chest there. He said that on the suggestion of doctors, he came to Mumbai and got admitted here. He will return to Bengaluru once he will recover.

  • Karnataka BJP released a video of rebel Congress MLA Shrimant Patil son and called the absence of the MLA as a dirty trick to avoid floor test.

  • Leader of Opposition BS Yeddyurappa stated that BJP MLAs will sleep in the house tonight to protest against the adjournment. He demanded to conduct the trust motion tonight. He told his lawmakers that pillows, food, and beds will be arranged for them and female MLAs will leave at 9 pm.
  • Congress has asked five questions on Karnataka Floor Test through a press release:
  1. Can a floor test take place when the whip has been nullified?
  2. Can the Indian National Congress be bound by a decision to which it is not a party?
  3. Can a floor test happen when the tenth schedule has been rendered inoperable?
  4. Have we now allowed exceptions to the doctrine of separation of power?
  5. Did the Supreme Court consider the context and history of these deliberate and designed defections while passing its order?

  • JDS chief and Chief Minister HK Kumaraswamy says Governor cannot override the Speaker. After the adjournment of the house, the bus with Congress MLAs headed back to Taj Vivanta resort.

  • As per the media reports, Congress leader Naseem Khan who went to Mumbai’s St George hospital to meet rebel MLA Shrimant Patil was stopped by the police personnel deployed at the hospital. Congress is now eyeing to take the matter to the civil court.

  • As per the reports, BJP will sit on overnight Dharna as the state assembly has been adjourned till Friday 11 am. Speaker is currently in a meeting with the Attorney General.

  • Leader of Opposition BS Yeddyurappa has appealed to the Speaker to conduct the floor test today. He informed the Speaker that BJP is ready to participate even if it’s by midnight. 

  • Karnataka Congress MLA HK Patil in the assembly said, as per the constitution, Governor of the state shall not interfere in the proceedings of the house. He requested the governor to not to intervene in the proceedings of the session.
  • Protesting in the well of the Karnataka Assembly, Congress MLAs created ruckus in the proceedings of the house with pictures of its MLA Shrimant Patil, who is allegedly abducted by BJP in hospital in Mumbai hospital. Congress has also accused BJP of poaching its MLAs.
  • A high-voltage drama can be seen in the Karnataka Assembly as Congress MLAs came to the well of the house and started protesting. 
  • After Governor Vajubhai Vala wrote a letter to Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar, asking him to conclude the floor test today, Congress leader HK Patil said the Governor of state has no right to direct Assembly Speaker.

  • After BJP leaders met Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala over delay in trust vote, Governor directed Karnataka Assembly speaker KR Ramesh Kumar to conclude the high-voltage drama and conduct the floor test.

  • Congress MLA Shrimant Patil has been shifted to St. George hospital in Maharashtra.

  • Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar during trust vote debate raised questions on document/letter submitted by Congress MLA Shrimant Patil over his bad health. He said What kind of a Speaker he would be if he proceeds with a document which has no date or letterhead. He directed Congress to contact the family members of Shrimant Patil immediately and give him a detailed report and If needed he will talk to DGP.
  • Karnataka Congress President Dinesh Gundu Rao during the debate on the floor test in the Karnataka assembly said, there was hospital right next to the resort where rebel MLAs were staying, then why Shrimant Patil went to Chennai & then to Mumbai for treatment? He is healthy, nothing is wrong with him. It’s a conspiracy by BJP.
  • Congress leader DK Shivakumar presented some photographs of the rebel MLA in Karnataka Assembly on Thursday and said that there were 8 MLAs who traveled together, here is a picture of one of them, Shrimant Patil, lying on a stretcher. Raising his concerns, Shivkumar asked where are these MLAs? He also requested the Speaker of the house to protect Congress-JDS MLAs.

  • Siddaramaiah seeks postponement of floor test till final order. Congress leader Samita Patil skips assembly session.
  • Dinesh Gunduroa accuses BJP of poaching MLAs. He said Home Minister must intervene and investigate the matter.

  • According to the reports, BJP may approach Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala and complain against Congress-JDU for misusing the speaker office.   
  • Earlier today, Karnataka Minister & son of HD Deve Gowda, HD Revanna arrived barefoot at the Karnataka Assembly to attend the floor test. The reports suggest that the floor test is likely to take place on some other day.

  • Congress leader Siddaramaiah said If the House go ahead with the confidence motion, if the whip applicable & they (rebel MLAs) don’t come to the house because of the SC order, it will be a big loss to the coalition government. He said till they get clarification on the Supreme Court’s previous order, it is not appropriate to take floor test in this session which is against the Constitution


  • Congress leader DK Shivakumar said being a former Chief Minister, being the leader of the opposition, he (BS Yeddyurappa) is misguiding the nation, misguiding the court.

  • BJP has said that they have come to the House to discuss and vote on the confidence motion and not discuss the point of order being raised by the Congress. The Assembly which started at 11.00 am. Yet, the discussions on the floor test is yet to begin.
  • Congress MLA H K Patil said the House must first decide if the rebel MLAs are members of the Legislative Assembly. He said they are saying they have resigned but the resignations are not accepted, so the House need time to get clarity on the issue.
  • Congress leader Krishna Byre Gowda said the confidence motion will be incomplete if it is put to vote before the Speaker’s decision on the resignation of the rebel MLAs. In such a scenario, the decision of this House would be questionable.
  • H D Revanna, brother of CM Kumaraswamy entered the assembly barefoot again today! He is known for being extremely superstitious. 
  • Rajya Sabha adjourned following uproar by Congress & Samajwadi Party against Supreme Court judgement on Karnataka MLAs case.

  • Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar has allowed for a whip to be applied on all MLAs in the Karnataka legislative assembly. He says this house holds the Supreme Court in the highest esteem. 
  • Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar said when a member chooses not to come, attendants will not permit them to sign the register of attendance. The concerned member will not be entitled to draw any emolument that is meant for the member to be drawn for being present in the House.

  • Reports said a total of 21 MLAs are missing from the Assembly. These 21 MLAs include two Independents MLAs-R Shankar and H Nagesh, Congress MLAs Nagendra B and Srimant Patil and BSP MLA Mahesh also absent.

  • Congress Legislative Party leader Siddaramaiah says by mistake that he is the leader of the Opposition, leaving BJP MLAs laughing, later he corrects himself. 
  • MLA Shrimant Patil who went missing on Wednesday is admitted to a hospital in Mumbai after he complained of chest pain.
  • Congress MLA Ramalinga Reddy has withdrawn his resignation. He is participating in assembly proceedings. He was among the first group of rebel MLAs who resigned from the Assembly. 
  • N Mahesh, BSP MLA is not present in the House during trust motion. The crucial trust vote has begun. MLA Roshan Baig also skipped Assembly. Heated argument witnessed in Assembly.
  • CM HD Kumaraswamy said he hasn’t come just because there is a question on whether I can run a coalition government or not. Events have shown that even the role of the Speaker has been put under jeopardy by some legislators.

  • The proceedings have begun in the Karnataka Assembly. Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar is all set to preside the proceedings. The floor test will be held shortly. Stay tuned to NewsX for latest updates. 


  • Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy arrived at Vidhana Soudha, his government will face floor test today. If MLAs will not participate in the Assembly session, the Congress-JD(S) coalition will lose its majority in the house and the 14-month-long govt will not be survived.

  • The rebel MLAs, who have been staying in Mumbai, said there was no question in taking back their resignations or attending the trust vote today. They said they are happy with the Supreme Court’s verdict. SC had said the MLAs cannot be compelled to take part in Assembly.


  • BJP State President BS Yeddyurappa said they are 101 percent confident. They are less than 100, we are 105. There is no doubt that their motion will be defeated.

  • Congress leader Siddaramaiah arrived at Vidhana Soudha; Karnataka government to face floor test today. DK Shivakumar has said that party has faith in MLAs. He hoped that rebel MLAs will join back the party and will participate in trust vote proceedings.

  • BJP state president BS Yeddyurappa & BJP MLAs arrive at Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru. Karnataka government will be facing the floor test today. Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar had said on Monday taht the trust vote will be held at 11 am today.


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