Karnataka crisis: The much-awaited trust vote in the Karnataka’s Vidhana Soudha is likely to be held today. The HD Kumaraswamy-led government will have to prove the majority in the House. If he fails, the Congress-JD(S) coalition will fall. He is facing an uphill task since the disgruntled coalition MLAs are not ready to return from Mumbai and attend the Assembly proceedings. While on the other side, BJP state chief BS Yeddyurappa is confident of forming the government.

After the Speaker KR Ramesh adjourned the House till Monday, Yeddyurappa stated that Monday will be the last days for the coalition government. The resignation of 16 MLAs — 13 Congress and three JD(S) has threatened the survival of the government. If their resignation is accepted, the BJP will get sufficient numbers to form the government while the coalition will plummet to 101. 

Here are the live updates about the Karnataka crisis:

-As per the reports, the speaker is ready to sit till the mid-night to conduct the floor test. 

– The high-voltage drama continues at the Karnataka assembly. Congress and JDS lawmakers created rucks at the house and raised slogans that they need discussion, they want time. After which, Speaker adjourned the house for 10 minuted after uproar.

–  Karnataka Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh refused to grant more time to HD Kumaraswamy and adjourn the house. The Speaker has asked the Congress-JDS government to take the floor test and prove majority in the house. As per the reports, speaker is pushing the government to take the floor test today and is trying to end the high-voltage drama.

–  JDS leader GT Devegowda scrapped the reports suggesting Kumaraswamy will meet the governor later today. The reports had claimed the Kumaraswamy might tender his resignation after meeting the governor but JDS stalwart refused them.

– The speaker has adjourned the House for a lunch break. There was a discussion going on with Congress-JD(S) MLAs accusing BJP of horsetrading. While BJP wanted Speaker to hold trust vote at the earliest. The proceedings will resume at 3:30 pm.

– HD Kumaraswamy has accused the BJP of forcefully taking away the coalition lawmakers. He said that the saffron party has made a mockery of democracy, adding that it has also set a new benchmark for immoral politics in the country.

– The Opposition has slammed HD Kumaraswamy slammed for prolonging the trust vote, saying he should resign and go home. BJP’s strong reaction comes as the trust vote could not be held till date in the Vidhana Soudha despite governor’s directions.

– The speaker sems to be in no mood to delay trust vote in the Vidghana Soudha. He appealed to the Congress-JD(S) MLAs to shorten their speeches and pave the way for trust vote before 6 pm.

– Congress troubleshooter DK Shivakumar has accused BJP of initiating political crisis in the Congress-JD(S) ruled state. He said the saffron party should accept that they are BJP behind Operation Lotus.

– Congress MLA Krishna Byre Gowda said that it is hard to believe that some 15-16 MLAs wake up one day and decided to resign at the same time. He asked would anybody believe this?

– Congress has accepted the fact that they have failed to convince the dissenting MLAs. The Speaker said the if the Congress had pacified four rebel MLAs then the government would not have been in the state.

– Public interest litigation has been filed in the Karnataka High Court over the trust vote in the Vidhana Soudha. In a PIL, advocate Anand Murthy has alleged Congress-JD(S) government of deliberately delaying the trust vote.

– Replying to the allegations, BJP’s CT Ravi said that the names of those indulged in such activities should be revealed. He said that Gowda should be allowed to take those names as the criminals should be tried for their acts. He added that those who have committed treason must be hanged.

– As the horsetrading allegations are again surfacing against the Karnataka BJP, the Speaker said that if the ruling party has documentary evidence of horsetrading then it should be submitted, or else it would be expunged from the records. Meanwhile, MLA Krishna Byre Gowda said will provide evidence in the Assembly.

– It seems everything is going against the Congress-JD(S) government. Speaker KR Ramesh has asked the ruling MLAs to not make him a scapegoat, adding that he will have to pass the ruling today. Earlier, HD Kumaraswamy requested him to delay the floor test for Wednesday but the Speaker turned down the request.

– Reports said that a whip can be issued by Siddaramaih which is applicable to everyone including the rebel MLAs. Meanwhile, BJP’s Madhuswamy has asked the Speaker to set a timeframe for the debate, but there should be no attempt to delay proceedings.

– HD Kumaraswamy has once again appealed disgruntled lawmakers to return and support the Congress-JD(S) coalition. The crumbling government has so far got the support of lone BSP MLA N Mahesh.

– After refusing to delay it, Speaker KR Ramesh has set a 6 pm deadline for the floor test. It means the Congress-JD(S) coalition has only four and a half hours. The disgruntled MLAs have refused to return and attend the Assembly proceedings.

– Speaker KR Ramesh has turned down the request of HD Kumaraswamy to hold floor test on Monday, saying it is impossible to delay the trust vote. 

– The Opposition BJP has alleged Congress of trying to woo its MLAs in a bid to save the government. Speaking in Vidhana Soudha, BJP MLA Arvind Limbavali aid that Congress was trying to poach their legislators.

– Speaker Ramesh Kumar has issued a notice to disgruntled 15 legislators. Ramesh summoned them to visit his office at 11 a.m on July 23. The summon comes on a day when Vidhana Soudhana is supposed to the witnesses floor test.

DK Shivakumar has said that the floor test could be delayed in the Assembly. Earlier, the BJP accused the coalition of wasting the time. Speaker KR Ramesh has so far adjourned the Assembly twice when all were expected a floor test.

– As many as four disgruntled legislators of Congress may return and support the confidence motion. Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy and Congress leader Siddaramaiah have arrived at the Vidhana Soudha. 

– The Supreme Court has refused to hear the plea of rebel MLAs today. It will be hearing the same tomorrow. Earlier, disgruntled lawmakers had knocked the doors of the apex court.

– The former chief minister and BJP state chief BS Yeddyurappa-led MLAs have arrived at Vidhana Soudha to take part in the Assembly proceedings. The Congress-JD(S) coalition government will be facing a floor test in the Assembly today.



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