Our legislators always find a way to get away from the media criticism and skip sessions. Karnataka legislators found a new way to skip the session and avoid media embarrassment. Even after a week of assembly session, many of the legislators didn’t attend the session. There was a quorum when alarm bell stopped ringing on Monday 20th, but still we could find empty chairs during the debate as legislators found a way to bunk the session. After session began legislators slowly started to exit from the session. There was floating crowd during the session. Attendance in the Legislative assembly was the least out of 224 only 41 were present in the assembly. BJP – 9, Congress – 26, JDS – 6; whereas in council out of 75 only 39 were present — 25 from Congress, 11 from BJP & 3 from JDS.

The rulebook says that session can be adjourned only when there is no quorum during the beginning of the assembly session. If the legislators walk out in between when the session is on, it cannot be adjourned. Many Political experts have criticised this behaviour of the legislators wherein legislators found a new way to avoid the media criticism and skipped the sessions. Day one of Winter assembly session of Karnataka on 13th of November was adjourned by the speaker because of lack of quorum in the assembly.

Even Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and opposition party leader Jagadish Shettar were not present. Irrespective of parties, legislators skipped the session. Leaders came out with many excuses when media highlighted and confronted the legislators. Many went on to justify that on day one of the assembly they had to pay obituary and session was adjourned that’s why they couldn’t make it to Belgaum which is 510km away from the state capital. Meanwhile, the speaker asserts that the cost for the winter session will be around 25 crore rupees which is nearly double the amount which was spent last year.

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