Karwa Chauth is being celebrated today, the festival is of great significance in the lives of every married Indian woman who pray for their successful married life observing a fast on the auspicious day. The women throughout the country pray for the well being of their husbands and maintain day long tenure without even a glass of water. The married women break their fasts only after they catch a glimpse of the moon on the night of the occasion.

Couples celebrate the Karwa Chauth festival with great enthusiasm supporting each other in their fasts. Not just women even husbands keep a day away from food items to encourage the practice. However, fasting is not everyone’s cup of tea and there are better ideas to make your loved one happier. As it’s the day for couples to celebrate, both the husband and the wife can surprise each other with these small but bright Karwa Chauth gift ideas which are sure to win your loved ones hearts and make them feel special.

Gift ideas for your wife 

A good Sargi: Husbands can take care of their wives first start in the morning as they prepare for a day long fast. Sargi is a pre-dawn meal which women have before initiating there fasts, it usually consists of sweets and nuts or snacks. By ensuring a tasty Sargi for their wives which includes a lot of healthy stuff like milk and sweets, fruits husbands can gift their better halves a healthy start to the day.

Beauty services at home: Women love to get pampered and what better than a beauty chore delivered right at home from one of her favourite saloons. Also this will save her the hassles of travelling to the shop as they will be over flooding with customers on the festival day and a good service at home will sure make her day. One can order services from the likes of Lakme and VLCC in major metro cities to save their partners a lot of time and rush.

Jewellery: Nothing impresses a woman more than beautiful jewelleries which they can flaunt during festivities and get together. A Diamond or a gold ring would just be the right choice to make if you want to see her smile throughout the day. With a lot of discounts running in the festival season, you can find a good shop which can fit well in your budget and gift your wife a priceless entity for life. From necklaces to earrings to bangles you can find the perfect jewellery at any store of your choice.


Gift ideas for your husband:

A candlelight dinner: After a full day of fasting, all one needs is good mood, add to it a good atmosphere at one of his favourite restaurants will end your day on a happier note. Don’t forget to book a table in case you plan to go out on dinner with your spouse later in the night. A roof-top setup with flowers and lights around will just be a perfect ending of the auspicious day.

Exotic/handmade chocolates: Men love chocolates and there won’t be a better day to gift them chocolates than on day when they are starving throughout for you. You can find these boxes at several gifting outlets or you can also order them online. Make sure you get the right type of chocolates for your men, though they are anyway going to eat them.

A good watch: Never gets old. Even if your husband forgets to wear the one he has got or doesn’t wear any at all, a good lustrous watch packed with love would d make a brilliant gift for your partner. From metallic to sport all sorts of wrist watches are available in stores and a right one according to his taste will make his day end with a big smile.