Nobel Economics laureate Amartya Sen has accused successive Indian governments of not doing enough on Kashmir and instead of doubling efforts to silence separatists in the state thereby turning them more pro-Pakistan in their outlook.

In an interview to The New Yorker, Sen said the present Kashmir looks like more an Indian-administered territory rather than an integral part of the country and that fault is solely the responsibility of successive governments. While not faulting the Narendra Modi government directly on Kashmir, the Nobel laureate said the dilution of Article 370 need not have been done since that arrangement suited both sides. He said by resorting to such measures, the Modi government has exploited peoples’ weakness for a cause.

Sen was, however, scathing in his comments on the attack on secularism and the targeting of Muslims, Dalits and scheduled tribes in the country. He said he was astounded by the popular support the business community gave for PM Narendra Modi, whom he credited for being dynamic and successful.

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While talking about PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, Sen accused them of murdering thousands of people and helping anti-Muslim mobs. He said the government is tapping every detail of departments including media which has left the country at a single place where development and growth are far away.

Sen told the magazine that he was shocked at the Gates Foundation award to PM Narendra Modi. Being imbued in RSS philosophy right from childhood, Sen said Modi doesn’t have a wide-angle view for the country. While commending the BJP’s resounding 2019 Lok Sabha poll victory, Sen cited this as a flaw of the democratic system whereby the party won this many seats despite getting less than 40 percent of the vote.

Not sparing the Supreme Court either, the Nobel laureate said it has been slow in reacting to challenges to pluralism. He said the weakening of the Indian Constitution under a Hindutva government has not been checked by judicial authorities as much as they had earlier in the decades.

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