With the outrage over Jammu and Kashmir’s special status abrogation on, Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first time has spoken against those who condemned Centre’s move to revoke Article 370.

He said those protesting the suspension of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status were the usual vested interest groups and political dynasties that sympathised with terror.

Speaking to IANS, Modi said Jammu and Kashmir’s special status was suspended in the interest of the nation and added that the issue need not be politicised. Underlining Centre’s future plans regarding Jammu and Kashmir’s development, Modi said projects like water supply, railway tracks were in government’s checklist to improve state infrastructure.

Lashing out at Opposition and others who condemned Centre’s move, Modi said their heart only beats for Maoists and terrorists as they believe in bullying the common people.

In his address to the nation and the people of Jammu and Kashmir following Article 370 abrogation, Modi said that the state would have a democratic setup and assured that the people living there would be able to elect their MLAs the way they would do before. 

On August 5, the Centre revoked Article 370 that granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir and imposed Section 144. With the imposition of curfew in the state, the normal life in the state was hit due to no communication network and restricted movement.

Though the Centre has removed restrictions from Jammu completely, it has said that restrictions in Kashmir will continue for some more time.

Meanwhile, Pakistan on its 73rd Independence Day released picture that read Kashmir banega Pakistan (Kashmir will be Pakistan) following which it received flak on social media.

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