The Delhi government has done revolutionary work in the field of education and today the work of the Kejriwal government is getting praised across the world. After the structural development of the schools, the Kejriwal government will now open 100 School of Specialized Excellence.

100 world-class schools of excellence

Creating Schools of Excellence has the same motive of giving the best education to students. So that talents from different fields can be imparted to students of classes IX, X, XI and XII by providing world-class facilities in excellence schools. Under this scheme 100 schools of Specialized Excellence from IX to XII class shall be opened in different parts of Delhi, which would also include the existing ‘Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya’ and the School of Excellence opened 5 years ago.

Teacher training from the best institutes of the world

Along with this, work on constructing new school buildings, new classrooms, and installing CCTV cameras in schools which had slowed down due to the socio-economic circumstances caused by COVID-19, has been restarted, and many of these activities are in their final stages. The initiatives involving the training of teachers at IIMs, Cambridge, Harvard, Finland, Singapore, etc., After ensuring proper building infrastructure in government schools and having our teachers trained in top institutions, as of last year government schools touched 98% in results.

Now Delhi students will in league with the best talents of the world

Identifying budding talents of the country and putting them in league with the best talents of the world by providing all required resources is politics of patriotism according to us. This brand of patriotic politics is the true tribute to the sacrifices freedom fighters made 75 years ago, to which we owe our independence.