According to the police, an FIR has been registered against 7,000 people including about 5,000 contract workers for engaging in violence at an iPhone manufacturing plant. The company stated in the FIR that it suffered a loss of about Rs 437 crores during the violence that erupted on December 12, 2020. Apple is one of the biggest companies to have shown interest in investing in India for long term partnerships. After this incident, China has been trying to spread its anti-India agenda to hurt the ties of Apple with Indian firms.

FIR registered at Kolar’s Vemgagal police station suggests that office material, vehicles, property and other things have been damaged. As per the complaint, the losses were mainly due to the theft of thousands of iPhones that were looted from the plant during the violence and the damage that was done to the property.

The losses suffered by Wistron Infocomm Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd are roughly equal to one-fifth of the total investment made by the Foxconn in the company. Apple has sent auditors to the plant to carry out a detailed investigation of what led to such violence and loss at the plant. It also issued a statement where it spoke of the ‘detailed investigation’.

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Wistron Infocomm Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd is an iPhone manufacturing company in Kolar where this incident happened.

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