A joint World Health Organization (WHO) and Chinese expert mission into the origins of Coronavirus pandemic said on Tuesday that there is insufficient evidence to confirm that Coronavirus was being spread in Wuhan before December 2019.

The head of China team, Liang Wannian said that there was no indication of transmission of the Sars-Cov-2 in the population of the period before Dec 2019. He added that there was not enough evidence to determine if the virus had spread in the city prior to that.

The head of WHO mission, Ben Embarek said that the laboratory incident hypotheses was extremely unlikely to explain the introduction of the virus into the human population. He added that the laboratory hypotheses was not the hypotheses they would suggest for future studies.

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The WHO mission eliminated a controversial and much talked about theory around Coronavirus. According to this theory, Covid-19 emerged from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan.

The WHO experts said that the mission had failed to identify the animal source of the virus but the experts believe that Covid-19 originated from bats and it was later transmitted to humans via some other mammal.

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