Monday, August 8, 2022

Labour attack in Palghar steel factory: 19 cops injured, 27 persons arrested

19 officers were hurt and 12 of their vehicles have been vandalized, when police attempted to control an attack on employees of a steel plant by more than 100 members of the trade union in Maharashtra’s Palghar.

According to Palghar police spokesman Sachin Nawadkar, 27 persons have been detained and many more are being sought in connection with an incident that occurred on Saturday on the premises of a steel firm in the Boisar town region of Palghar district.

As per the Police statement, there have been disagreements between the Viraj Company’s labour union and management.

Yesterday, during a protest by labour union members over their different demands, stones were thrown at police on business property, injuring 19 officers.

“Over 27 people have been arrested,” police stated.

However, the company’s premises have been heavily secured.

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