The intolerant nature of the nation towards homosexuality was once again highlighted after a school in Kolkata forced at least 10 girls to sign a ‘confession’ letter that they were lesbians. The following path was used by the school in order to bring the girl students on the ‘right course’. The matter drew lots of attention and criticism from all corners. Meanwhile, the Education Minister of Bengal, Partha Chatterjee, stated that lesbianism was against the culture of the state. Reacting to the allegations levelled by the school against 10 girl students, the state’s education minister also said that he would approach the school management to know what prompted them to take written confessions.

Claiming that the state never saw any incident of this sort earlier, the minister said, “In the past, we had never received reports of such incidents in the state’s educational institutions. If such an incident (lesbianism) had indeed happened, it would be against the ethos of our state.” The minister also stated that he would be asking the south Kolkata’s Kamala Girls’ High School that what prompted them to take their written admission. The matter was highlighted after the Kamala Girls’ High School’s principal claimed that the following students accepted that they indulged in the act of homosexuality following which they were made to admit it in writing.

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Talking to a news agency, the acting headmistress of the school said that some students had complained about 10 girls indulging in lesbian act. “We called those students and they admitted it. Considering the sensitive nature of the issue, I asked them to admit it in writing. I have got written admissions from all 10 students,” the headmistress told IANS. Meanwhile, the parents of the accused students rubbished the claims made by the school management. The minister further added that the issue will not be taken lightly as it was unprecedented in the educational institutions of Bengal.

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