Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Lockdown extended till May 3, tougher monitoring of areas till April 20

Coronavirus lockdown extension in India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended the 21-day lockdown that was to end on Tuesday to May 3. The 21-day lockdown came into force on March 25. Modi said the government will review lockdown all across the country on the number of cases per district by April 20 and would ease some restrictions in these areas.

The PM thanked the citizens for serving the nation despite facing difficulties and also acknowledged the trouble faced by all the people. He noted that Tuesday was a festive occasion in several parts of India, Bihu in Assam, Vishu in Kerala, Tamil New Year in Tamil Nadu, Baisakhi in Punjab. He also noted that Tuesday (April 14) was the birth anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar.

Comparing the condition of India with other countries, he revealed that India followed the integrated approach and today, the country is in a better state than other countries. He added that despite practicing social distancing and other rules and regulations, it is mandatory to come up with strong rules and change in strategy to fight the battle against coronavirus which has not ended yet. He added that till April 20, harsh steps will be taken to curtail the spread of coronavirus. He also announced that strict actions will be taken against people not following the rules. Further, the hotspots will also be surveilled. He added that a proper report referring to all measures about lockdown will be issued tomorrow. Further, new guidelines to be made keeping in mind the interest of all income groups. Moreover, the government will monitor all the areas more strictly until April 20.

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PM further urged people to help other people by taking seven steps. Taking care of senior citizens, following the rule of social distancing, taking care of your health and immunity, download the Aarogya Setu app, help people from lower-income groups, helping your co-workers and respecting the coronavirus soldiers who are leaving no stone unturned to serve the country.

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