Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised objection over Congress scion Rahul Gandhi’s candidature from Wayanad terming it as “appeasement politics”. Addressing a grand rally in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram, PM Modi launched a scathing attack at Congress president saying that Gandhi had to come to Wayanad to secure his place in Parliament. Referring to Gandhi as Naamdaar, PM Modi contradicted Gandhi’s statement that he wanted to send a message to South by contesting from the constituency.

The prime minister further said that if Rahul Gandhi was trying to send a message to the South, he must have fought from the capital of the state, Trivandrum. “It’s not a message to South but a msg of appeasement politics,” PM Modi was quoted as saying.

While asking people of Kerala to vote, PM Modi asserted that the elections will determine if India would make rules or just follow them. He added that voters of Kerala have a huge responsibility on the shoulders, especially first-time voters.

He went on to say that the Congress and Communists are opportunists and do not value human life. He said that the BJP would not let country’s traditions be harmed for political gains adding that a government so incapable has no right to remain in power.

Earlier in the morning, eleven states witnessed voting in phase 2 of Lok Sabha Election states including Assam, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Manipur, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Chhattisgarh and one Union Territory, Puducherry. Uttar Pradesh registered 58.12% while Maharashtra recorded 55.37% polling till 5:00 pm. Jammu and Kashmir recorded 43.3% polling while Srinagar registered merely 7% till 5:00 pm.

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