Lok Sabha Elections Exit Poll 2019: Almost all the exit polls have predicted that the National Democratic Alliance-led by BJP will retain power with around 300 seats, more than the magic figure of 272. The exit polls have suggested that the United Progressive Alliance-led by Congress will not be able to form the government as they will win around 123 seats. If exit polls are to be believed, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to retain his position. On the other hand, there is no chance for the UPA and others to claim for the government formation as they are drastically falling short of a majority. The exit polls have shown that the UPA will win just 123 seats while other parties will get 119 seats. 

India News-Pollstrat has suggested that the NDA will be able to form the government with 298 seats. The UPA is expected to secure 118 seats while others are expected to get 126 seats. NewsX-Neta has given 242 seats to NDA and 165 to UPA while other parties including Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Trinamool Congress etc have got 104 seats.

Times Now-VMR exit poll predicted that NDA is all set to return to the power with Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister. The NDA is likely to get 306 seats, UPA 132 and others 136 out of 543 seats that went to polls in the seven-phase of Lok Sabha elections.

According to Republic TV-C Voter, the NDA will win 287 seats, UPA 132 and others 127 seats. Republic Bharat-Jan Ki Baat has predicted NDA to win 305 seats against 124 of UPA. Others are expected to win 113 seats.

News Nation’s survey has shown that the NDA will get 286 seats as compared to 122 of UPA. Other parties are is likely to get 134 seats. Aaj Tak India Today-My Axis polls has predicted that the NDA is expected to get 352 seats while UPA is likely to win 93 seats. The survey has also given 82 to other parties.

ABP News-Nielsen has suggested that that the NDA will fall little short of the majority in the Lok Sabha elections 2019. As per the exit polls, the NDA is likely to win 267 seats while the UPA is expected to secure 127. Other parties will get 148 sets.

News 24-Todays Chanakya has given the NDA 35o seats while the UPA has got just 95 seats and other parties are getting 97, more than the UPA-led by Congress.

When it comes to state-wise seat share across the country, the ruling BJP is expected to secure 20 out of 28 seats in Karnataka, more than three seats which it got in 2014, Times Now-VMR exit poll predicted.

In Andhra Pradesh, the News 18 India-IPSOS has suggested Telugu Desam Party will win 10-12 seats while the YSR Congress is likely to win 13-14 seats. According to exit polls, Congress will not open its account while the BJP might win a seat.

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